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Streaming stick and Hulu

I watched a Hulu program on my streaming stick (3600x, software 9.1.0, build 4111) last week.  Today I could not get Hulu to start at all.  I'd see the Hulu logo for a second then it would go back to the Roku home screen.  I tried removing the Hulu app and rebooting the Roku, then re-installed the app.  That didn't work.  I rebooted my router, even though Netflix and Amazon worked just fine.  Nothing would get Hulu to start.  It ran fine on my Roku Ultra attached to a different TV. I ended up watching Hulu through the TV app so it had to have been something on the streaming stick.

A couple hours later, I tried it again and it worked just fine.  Any ideas what might have caused this?
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Re: Streaming stick and Hulu

"FunnyKig" wrote:
I have tried all the encoders on there and all of them dont work... could it be something else? or does someone know any other media server that works on windows and can stream to mediaplayers...?

Are you in the right thread?
Yeah, I got some Rokus.
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Re: Streaming stick and Hulu

I had the same problem with several channels, not just Hulu. Had the stick check for updates and it did a bunch of updates. then it worked just fine.
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