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Streaming issue on Roku 2 for ESPN

Ive had this issue for some time. I open sling tv and start watching ESPN. After a certain amount of time, the video and audio slowly become slightly out of sync. Eventually, the video will start and stop every 5 seconds, while the audio continues playing. If i exit out of the stream, and start over its immediately synced and looks fine. 

See below video i shot this morning. Pls dont mind the kids and dog barking in the background.
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Level 7

Re: Streaming issue on Roku 2 for ESPN

You might go to the Roku Sling TV app, and try a different CONNECTION speed in the SETTINGS. I have slow DSL (1.28 Mbps) and set CONNECTION to 1.2 Mbps. I watched the Championship NCAA game last night, ESPN1 (Sling TV) stream looked pretty good, with no audio or video problems. I'm not anywhere near HD, but my 40-inch 1080p Sony TV (with Premiere Plus) has a very nice ESPN picture. 
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