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Streaming Stick 3500X

Is the Streaming Stick 3500X still considered "updatable" or is it now a "legacy" device?


Although trying solutions presented here, I continue to have an issue with Pluto channel. I do not seem to have any issue watching the "live" programs. However, when trying to watch a "on demand" program or movie I get kicked out of it after a few minutes. I have my Roku Streaming Stick set to check for updates daily. I have manually tried to update and it tells me that no updates are available. I am currently at software version 10.0.0, build 4195-09.


Do I have any hopes of this being resolved?


As a separate issue, there is a significant lag between pushing a button on the remote and anything actually happening as a result. When I push a button on the remote I hear the sound indicating that the signal was received but it takes several seconds for the actual corresponding action to happen.

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Re: Streaming Stick 3500X

Updateable (you wouldnt have OS10 if it werent).

You need to address the Pluto issue to Pluto.

Several seconds is a significant lag - a 2710 doesnt even take that long.

You can reduce load by using the Default theme, simple/no screensaver, fewer apps.

Last resort is a factory reset.


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Re: Streaming Stick 3500X


Everything @StreamerUser said. I'll add that you should consider the 3500 Stick as approaching end of life. It's 2014 technology, and that model was discontinued in early 2016. The current Stick+ (3810) is a far far superior device -- yes, I've had both -- and there is no comparison. And, right now, the Stick+ is $40. Just something to consider.

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