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Strange Automatic switch from Hulu to Roku at 10:54 AM Mon-Fri

Today is Saturday and it didn't do it.  Didn't notice last weekend.  But for the past two weeks it's happened.  Every morning I turn the tv on.  Roku comes up.  I go to Hulu and put it on local NBC to watch the Today Show until 11 AM.  At 11, I normally switch to local CBS for Price Is Right.  Here's what's happening:  Before Today is over, I'm usually up doing housework.  At 10:54 AM...everyday,, the tv automatically switches from Hulu to Roku Home Page.  This happens with no one in the room.  No one close to  the remote.  No one on the internet.  When I press the Hulu button after 11 it automatically goes to local live CBS where The Price Is Right is already playing.  Any other time I press the Hulu button, it goes to Hulu Home.  This be crazy!  How to fix?  It's not a big deal.  Just strange.

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Re: Strange Automatic switch from Hulu to Roku at 10:54 AM Mon-Fri

Generally when a channel unexpectedly goes back to the Roku main screen the channel has crashed (if it's not the new bandwidth limiter kicking in).  It could be that an ad is displayed at the same time and it's causing a crash.  It will probably take care of itself eventually.

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