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Re: Start show from beginning Hulu live tv

"blade_005" wrote:
"steeve725" wrote:
Yea that would make sense, however a couple times yesterday I turned to one of my local channels using "my channels" and it had time built up, I was excited that I could watch my program from the beginning. Today that same channel I switched to, same program didn't have time built up.

Sometimes the local channel will have time built up, sometimes it won't.

So what gives? Very inconsistent & Frustrating to say the least.

Who knows?

We could get even more granular. Some programming on some channels may only allow you to join in LIVE and not rewind. Now, if you post back that the same programming at the same time on different days gave you two different responses, then it is a true head scratcher!

Yes that is what I was trying to say. I was tuning in to my local NBC channel yesterday about 3:30pm Mountain time to watch Judge judy, when I tuned in it had time built up and I was able to rewind to the beginning. Today, I tuned in a little after 3:30 pm and NO time built up. I had to watch were I tuned in. Same channel both days, same program, about same time. No time built up today, time built up yesterday.

Forget about pausing. Like I stated above, if I pause and the episode ends and starts the other episode, it jumps forward into the program however long I had it paused for.
Very frustrating.
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Re: Start show from beginning Hulu live tv

It's probably down to the level of shows - some shows have the "Start from beginning" feature, some don't. 

I love the idea of Hulu Live TV, but man, the interface sucks. It's annoying to browse what's on, the guide only shows what's currently on until you've selected a show, then it only shows what's on next. For sports, if you pick a favorite team, it'll highlight those games for you, but always starts at the beginning, and makes it annoying to jump to live. It's never clearly/well defined why there's a "My Channels" and "My Stuff", or why there are so many ways to get to things (making it confusing), but other things are impossible to find without searching. 
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Re: Start show from beginning Hulu live tv

My problem is say I change the channel and go back it starts the show from the beginning and says I'm live then I change the channel and go back again it then goes back where it should been
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