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Spectrum app on Roku Express Plus closes when selecting a channel

I have a very odd issue with Spectrum App. Everything is updated and internet is 100 mbps. My Roku Express + , when using Composite video connection,selecting a Spectrum channel closes the Spectrum App back to Roku Home. No error messages. The channel will play, side menu comes on, but closes app when the bottom menu should appear. I connected same Roku to modern TV HDMI and all is well. Moving the Roku back to Composite connection problem returns. If I do not configure Roku for the 4:3 TV, it stays 1080i and the app WILL WORK, with a stretched picture. Reset to 4:3 problem returns. Both Rokus new and old do this. This is a new problem, I used Spectrum App in past successfully.     Other apps on Roku like Netflix are good, and I also posted on Spectrum's site.
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Re: Spectrum app on Roku Express Plus closes when selecting a channel

Sounds like a bug in the Spectrum app. I know nothing about it, but I'm wondering if there was a recent update to the app. It appears that it's crashing if the Roku display settings are set to one of the SD options. Your best bet is probably to take it up with Spectrum.

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