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Level 7

Skip Intro function disappears halfway through series

Over the past week, I’ve been streaming 3 different TV series on Amazon Prime Video. On all 3 shows, the ‘Skip Intro’ button is available for the 1st full season on 1 show and just for the 1st few episodes on the other 2 shows... then it disappears. Why? Can I get it back? The fast forward feature (even at 1x speed) is way too fast to forward through the intros, and 90% of the time, the fast forwarding will not stop when I press ‘Play’. So I have to backtrack. It’s a hassle!

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Level 20

Re: Skip Intro function disappears halfway through series

That's entirely Amazon's doing - they code the Prime app.

You'll need to direct complaints about its behavior/functionality to them:

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