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Level 7

Sirius XM - Playback Error

Last couple of weeks Sirius XM loads until it's time to stream. I get "Playback Error".

I can navigate all through the menus, but choose any channel and "Playback Error" appears.

Next I tried removing the channel, then reinstalling. Now I get "No Network" trying to login. I can play Netflix, YouTube anything else through Roku, so "No Network" is not the issue at my end.

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Level 18

Re: Sirius XM - Playback Error

You need to contact Sirius directly. ts their Channel.

---A problem clearly stated is a problem half solved---.
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Level 7

Re: Sirius XM - Playback Error

Sign on to your Sirius account and go to the 'Support' area  with the question mark icon in the bottom right of the page.  I typed in 'how to set up roku streaming'.  The answer was to sign in and it gave me a specific link.  I signed in to Sirius again.  And also deleted the Sirius icon from my tv and re-added it.  And it worked.  Hope it helps you.  I'm also paying $4.59 more per month for the extra streaming 12/27/19

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