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Shudder Channel on Roku

I've contacted Shudder support but I thought I'd post here as well to get any additional information.

I have subscribed to Shudder on Amazon Prime for a while; I then noticed that some titles available on the Shudder website (and app) were NOT on Amazon. Since the cost is the same ($4.99/month) to subscribe through Amazon as it is to go directly through Shudder I figured, WTH, let me do the latter. What have I got to lose?

Well, something I hadn't counted on reared its ugly head:  While the Amazon Roku app is far from perfect (subtitles not synching, captioning not working from within the app), the Shudder Roku app, at least in my experience, is basically unusable as you can't resume. If you stop viewing a video and exit the app (or even if you stay within the app) the next time you try to play it the stream restarts. There is no resume option. Of course there's also the issue of not being able to tell exactly where you are in the video as the timeline always shows 5 hours as the length of the video. Agreed, that's not a deal-breaker as there are ways around it, but the non-resume is. 

Shudder basically just told me they know about it and have no timeline to resolve the issues. They linked me to "other" ways of playing the videos. So I just wanted to alert people who MIGHT consider subscribing to Shudder that there is a distinct advantage to doing so through Amazon; i.e. the Roku app works. 
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