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Showtime always buffers after a couple minutes

I regularly stream Netflix, Amazon, HBOGo and Showtime Anytime on my Roku 3. I'll see occasional buffering on every one of them but for some reason, Showtime consistently buffers about 2-4 minutes into every show I watch. It only lasts a few seconds so it's a minor irritant at most. I have also noticed that I have more buffering issues with Showtime than the other three. It's not uncommon for a show to re-buffer then hang, requiring me to exit the show and resume (which usually does the trick.) Just curious if anyone else has seen this or has any idea why Showtime might be different than the others. FWIW, the Roku is connected via wifi and my connection is rated at 25Mbps down but consistently pulls 30+ Mbps on speedtests.
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Re: Showtime always buffers after a couple minutes

I think this is a showtime platform issue. I saw the same thing. I just gave up and moved to the Hulu version of Showtime because of the live stream buffering. I could not solve the problem
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Re: Showtime always buffers after a couple minutes

Same thing. SHOWTIME ANYTIME worked great for a few days, got through 1st season of The Affair, now starting with season 2,episode 4, it buffers every 10 seconds. So irritating. No other channel does this.
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