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Showing slides with Roku

We just got six Hiscense Tv's with Roku for which we want to display info on the activities going on here.  Right now we have one non-smart tv using RaspberryPI and Google Slides to do this but we find the RaspPi not reliable enough. So we got these "Smart tv's" thinking we could use a browser and keep using Google Slides but Roku has no browser.  Mrroring isn't really a viable solution either.   What we would like is an application with most of the following requirements:

  • Be able to stream from a pc or server to two or more TV's slides that contain info on events.

  • Be able to set a time that the slides start/stop.  Although this might be another program used in conjunction with the streaming.
Would appreciate any help.  I really don't want to take all these tv's back.
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