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Setting up Roku on a second tv (Samsung hd tv) in parallel to a current streaming stick + set up

I currently use a roku streaming stick + on a bedroom TV with the streaming stick on that TV. I have a Roku account, user name and password for that streaming stick + on that bedroom TV.
Our primary TV is in our family room. Its a 50"Samsung 4K HD Class NU7100. I would like to go to the Samsung TV app store to activate the Roku App so it appears on my Samsung and then use the Roku Channel on the primary TV via that app to view content from that roku channel App without creating a viewing or billing situation. I have a second question; how does this apparent parallel set up interact, if at all with either TV?
I got tangled up a bit ago when i activated the CBS all access account on my samsung TV in parallel to having it on my bedroom TV because of the username I had created such that they were the same on bot tv's while the bedroom tv was done first and the main tv done some time after. That simple slip up made it appear that I already had a roku account and nearly created a double billing situation. That issue was all cleared up as of recently.

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Re: Setting up Roku on a second tv (Samsung hd tv) in parallel to a current streaming stick + set up

I believe the Roku app on a non-Roku smart tv, if it's offered,  just provides access to The Roku Channel, not full Roku functionality.  I suspect it doesn't require logging in to a Roku account and you'd only get those channels that didn't involve a paid subscription through Roku.  If it DOES provide access to things you've subscribed to via The Roku Channel, it should require a login to your Roku account.

The Roku Channel has been made available for free on all sorts of non-Roku devices so that Roku can get their cut of the advertising revenues from more viewers.

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