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Level 7

Series I was watching disappeared

During this pandemic - I found the old Hart to Hart series and was binge watching. I still had episodes left to go.  I went to bed last night after watching an episode and woke up this morning and it's gone!  The whole series.  Everything.  Doesn't show up on a search!  What the heck happened?  

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Level 12

Re: Series I was watching disappeared

Ashame, they change inventory periodically, and typically bring in new/out with old at the beginning of each month. I would suggest the 'Search' feature & search for the show. Maybe another channel like Tubi or Pluto is airing it.

Being the first day of the new month, I would think its gone from whatever channel (Roku Channel?). It could have to do with licensing agreements & contract end dates.

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Level 18

Re: Series I was watching disappeared

My Search came up with seasons 2 and 4 being available

on Philo.

---A problem clearly stated is a problem half solved---.
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Level 7

Re: Series I was watching disappeared

My series also vanished no warning.  I do see where some series say leaving at the end of the month mine did not have this. Is this common?  I'm rather new to roku and this isn't making me happy

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