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Search Results Vudu falsely saying free

I've always relied heavily on Roku's search engine to find movies/tv shows I want to watch, either by title or an actor I am interested in.  Until today, the results have always been accurate--I believe Vudu is intentionally providing false information to Roku search, a BAIT and SWITCH tactic!  I've never had Roku list a movie channel as providing a movie free (ad supported) when it was not.  The results have been great. 

Today however, Vudu lists a movie as FREE ad supported, both in my Roku search, AND on the Vudo page search--it clearly indicates FREE, ad supported on their site, but then when you choose it, it is only offered as buy/rent.  Anyone else finding VUDU to be playing this bait and switch game? 

And is there a way to report them to Roku?  I've always found Roku's results to be accurate and once ONE COMPANY pulls **bleep** like this and gets away with it, EVERYONE will start trying to get away with it and soon the search results will be worthless!

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