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.SRT Subs Not Working with Roku Ultra 4661R

I tried to play an .mkv video format file and the file plays fine, but the .srt subs do not work. I select the subtitle within the video, then I push the * on the remote to have closed caption <always on>. The subtitle shows very briefly at the beginning of the video (about 15 secs) then it goes away and I am unable to get it to stay on. I have tried to fast forward and rewind to see if it would get it to recognize, but no dice. I am using both the regular plex channel and the plex channel preview apps. Neither of them work. My plex media server is on a Synology 918+. The subs work fine on plex apps using Ipad 2, Iphone, and my personal laptop without issue. Please advise.

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Re: .SRT Subs Not Working with Roku Ultra 4661R

That raises a question Im wondering about.

Might the Roku Media Player utilize .srt subs?

supposedly it does......

Otherwise your issue seems to be with Plex.

Unless you can mirror it over.

---A problem clearly stated is a problem half solved---.
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Re: .SRT Subs Not Working with Roku Ultra 4661R

Rokus used to be very particular about SRTs, but I thought they got all the kinks worked out.  One "bad" character can throw the whole thing off.  Do you have any SRT files that work or are they packaged within the MKV?  If they're separate, take a known good one and rename to the same name as the MKV and see if it works.  If it does you know there's something about the SRT that the Roku doesn't like.  If they're included within the MKV you might have to extract it to see what's going on.

Does Plex have any option to encode the subtitles within the video stream itself?

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Re: .SRT Subs Not Working with Roku Ultra 4661R

issues persist with the subtitles that are:-

a) embedded in mkv files which play well on my 6-7 years WDTV without a glitch

b) .srt files which are exact same names as mp4 or mkv files

no avail so far. looks like a bug with the software.