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SAP Issues

Since canceling our Spectrum cable service, some channels like TNT and AMC, are coming through in Spanish or with some voice over narration for the blind. Oddly enough, if we feed the cable through a LG DVD recorder, then to the RokuTV, the channels come through normally. Also, TNT and AMC, play just fine on an EyeTV hooked up to a Mac. For some reason the tuner in the RokuTV is having audio issues with certain SD channels. All HD channels play back normally, and the SAP setting works fine with them. The SAP setting is dimmed out for the SD channels. Recently our LG DVD recorder broke and I'm contemplating buying another one, just so we can watch TNT and AMC in English again. Unfortunately, I have read that LG recorders have a high failure rate. Are there any RokuTV updates in the works, or some audio setting I might be missing? Thanks for any assistance or advice.
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Re: SAP Issues

LG VHS to DVD Recorder with Built in Tuner
Coaxial Cable from Spectrum (Recently Canceled Subscription)

Recent Working HookUp:
Cable to LG Recorder (Now dead)
HDMI out (LG Recorder) to HDMI in (RokuTV)

Current HookUp w/ some SAP & DVS Issues:
Cable to Coaxial (RF) in on back of RokuTV.

Tried hooking up an external QAM Tuner w/ HDMI out to RokuTV HDMI in.
TNT and AMC would not tune in and showed as blocked scrambled channels.

I'll probably just bite the bullet and purchase another LG DVD rocorder.
Thanks again for the help
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Re: SAP Issues

I am not sure where you are getting the signal for TNT/AMC. If Spectrum (still?) provides the signal through the canceled subscription, then the SAP settings should be changed on the Spectrum box and not on the TV options. Your LG Recorder might strip the sounds to only the default audio channel (Usually English) and passes that to your TV.

Which model of the TCL Roku TV do you have?

And have you tried to do a power cycle of the TV as in unplugging it from the wall for a couple of minutes? There are some Roku TVs with stuck SAP where this were the resolution.
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Re: SAP Issues

I have a TCL 55S405 which uses Roku and I have the same issue. It only works on one language and when you try to do SAP it it is grey out.

is there a way to force the SAP?

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Re: SAP Issues

The Spectrum DVR box was taken when we cancelled the service. For grins and giggles, I broke out an old VCR, and ran the signal through that, then to the TV. The SAP and DVS issues, although still displayed on the guide as SAP and DVS programing, the audio came through in normal English. Only downside is that the VCR doesn't support HD, which is fine considering that problem channels are SD only. So, to watch HD channels, I just have to switch back to the internal tuner in the RokuTV.

Update 2...
Last week we had a bad storm which knocked out the power for about 4 hours. I decided to bypass the VCR and hook up the cable directly to the RokuTV, and what do you know, problems solved. No more shows dubbed over in Spanish, and no more DVS programing. Maybe disconnecting the power to the TV reset something...who knows...very strange.

Thanks again for all the help Smiley Happy
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