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Row8 Channel Misleading Price

Does anyone else consistently see a misleadingly low price for Row8 movies?  


For example, if I search for the movie 'Good Boys' across all channels, Row8 will appear at the top of the list and with the lowest price.  In this case, it shows the movie for $3.99, while other channels offer the movie for $4.99 and $5.99.  If I then click through to the Row8 offering of the movie, it lists the price as $5.99.  


This incorrect pricing has occurred on every film I have searched for months. 


Is anyone else experiencing this? 

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Re: Row8 Channel Misleading Price

Dear IStreamofGenie, 

YES, by golly, I have! & I've FINALLY realised what the heck is going on...  

Okay now, first, when you are in the ROW8 app, does that $3.99 discounted price still show up when you land on a movie whilst scrolling through them? You should see a price noted in white font just below each movie. For example: "Watch from $3.99." Follow, so far? Okay, right; do you also see a blue "$2.00-OFF coupon toward your next movie!" in the upper left-hand corner of the screen? It's okay, I'll wait whilst you have a look... ;-)

I strongly believe that this ?unusable? coupon is why when searching across appsfor whatever movieROW8 appears at the top of the list as the lowest price. What Roku is very likely doing is already deducting that 2-bucks off in expectation that you'll use the coupon. Or, much more likely, deducting it ahead of time to lure everyone who searches to dive on that lower $3.99 rental price taking them to ROW8. HOWEVER...uh, yeah, just TRY using that coupon & get back to me: lemme know what happens. Okay, I.S.O.Genie? I am soooo very super curious to know if you can figure THAT one out, since every time I go to rent a ROW8 movie, that mysterious blue coupon still taunts me in ALL CAPS to "REMEMBER: YOU GET $2 OFF YOUR NEXT MOVIE! (SOME EXCLUSIONS MAY APPLY - VALID THRU 7/6)." 

Lastly, I.S.O.G., if there is no way to actually redeem that coupon & it's only there as a "fake-out" to merely APPEAR like they're offering a coupon discount to unsuspecting customers & fool their corporate auditors, like, "Seeeee...we have a coupon anyone can redeem to get a cute little discount!" then this is a blatant "BAIT & SWITCH" SCAM! Which is illegal. 

So there ya have it, O.G. That's my story & I'm sticking to it! ;-) Thanx for hanging in there to read through my nutty school of thought. Hope to hear your take on this weirdness. You take care, now. Stay safe & healthy & have yourself a wonderful COVID-free day! 

ps: funny-cool how our screen names are uniquely parllel

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