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Roku with Spectrum away from home

I hope someone can help me with this issue. I am away from home, using a roku premiere + and accessing channels via my parents spectrum account. Until 6/5 it was working just fine, was able to validate and log on to Spectrum and then watch the channel on my Roku. Now I am having to re-log into the channels, get the activation code, on my pc/phone go to the activation site and select spectrum tab but then no spectrum login pops up just jumps to a message saying success(but it really isn't). Go to watch a program on a channel and get a message that I have no access to these channels. I log in and out of spectrum but it doesn't tell what account. During the activation process I tried Directtv, Verizon etc, all had logins at their end but not Spectrum. I tried changing pc's and used my cell same thing. Is this a Roku or Spectrum tv or PC issue? If Roku, what is the solution?
Also on Roku, the spectrum tv app just has an advertisement to buy their "spectrum tv stream" and no bypass to logon an account. Is there a solution?
tyvm for your help.
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Re: Roku with Spectrum away from home

I know Spectrum only allows you to log into their streaming app from the address where you have service. I suspect they may also not allow you to use your login credentials on third-party apps outside your home.
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Re: Roku with Spectrum away from home

I've logged into Spectrum's TV app using my mother-in-law's account credentials. (We set her account up, handled the install, and we pay the bill... she's 96)
All works fine at her house on her network.
From our own house there are channels available, but many are not. ALL of the locals are inaccessible. And many channel apps will not authenticate unless the device we're using to access them is on her network. 

This is not a Roku issue. This is how Spectrum has their app designed so it checks that the device accessing the account actually has the service level required to access AND to satisfy the geofencing requirements of the channels they include (such as the local stations in my example)

So even on YOUR OWN Spectrum account and using your own login credentials AND assuming you have a Spectrum TV package that includes the channels you're trying to view.... if you're away from home you will be unable to access a lot of channels.

Again... this is not Roku. It's Spectrum.
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Re: Roku with Spectrum away from home

Scottypie1234 is right that Spectrum only allows streaming on your home network for the most part, but I do remember from when I had it that they allowed a few channels to be watched outside your home network, so maybe that's what you were watching. If so you might try removing the channels you were watching, rebooting the Roku and reinstalling them, also clear the history, cookies and cache on your phone and pc, that should give you a clean slate to try and log in again. There's a way to get past that Spectrum screen on it's app, I think you just click the OK button on your Roku remote, but it's been so long I can't remember exactly, even if you get past it you won't be able to watch most of the channels like scottypie1234 mentioned.

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Re: Roku with Spectrum away from home

Hi everyone!

The Spectrum channel does require your Roku device to be connected to the Spectrum internet plan associated with your Spectrum account, in order to be streamed. You can see more on Spectrum's website here, or reach out to their support team directly for more information:

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