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Roku pulls Spectrum App

I think its pretty shameful that I purchased 3 TCL/Roku TVs just so I can watch my Spectrum app and now because Spectrum and Roku cannot reach an "agreement", I cannot watch my cable TV.  Please Roku, disclose what this issue is so I can make the decision to leave Roku and go back to my AppleTVs, or if I need to ditch Spectrum and stay with your streaming service.  Im sure Roku will say to contact Spectrum, and Spectrum will say to contact you, so why don't YOU disclose what the "agreement" issue is and let us the consumer decide?

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Re: Roku pulls Spectrum App

Were you already watching the Spectrum Roku channel on your TVs, and then the channel just went away?? Is that what happened??

2018 Ultra 4660
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Re: Roku pulls Spectrum App

When I go to the Spectrum app on both my TCL TVs and my Roku premiere, the app is there but when I select the app, it wants me to log in with my Spectrum credentials.  I enter my credentials and it says "Incorrect Information".  I have logged into my spectrum account to verify my login and all is good.  I even called Spectrum to verify and they confirmed that there is a dispute between Roku and Spectrum and it is Roku who is denying service, not Spectrum.  Im sure if I was ever able to get a live person at Roku, they would tell me that it is Spectrum not allowing Roku to distribute their service.

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Re: Roku pulls Spectrum App

The app isn't even available to download anymore!  Very upsetting.  I just upgraded my old ROKU and now I want to return it. Smiley Sad

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