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Roku media player skips songs

My Roku media players works fine when playing local video content. However, when I'm playing back MP3 albums, it has a tendency to skip one, two or several songs at random. It will pause on each skipped song for several seconds before skipping. If I go back manually, it will then play that song with no problem.

My media is stored on an OpenMediaVault NAS running MiniDLNA. The NAS is capable of transferring over 100MB/sec, so I don't think that's the issue. My Blu-Ray player on the same network doesn't have this problem, but both of my Roku Ultras do (they're both within a couple of feet of their local access point, and as I noted above, video works with no problem).

Anyone else experience this? Any ideas what could be causing it?
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Re: Roku media player skips songs

The two things I would check. I'd assume that the Minidlna would determine sort and play order, but is it possible that the rmp has some other sort setting, giving the appearance of skipping tracks? The other thing I'd check is that there are no details of those audio files that is causing the ripple, like embedded album art, etc. If these are files that you created I'd try recreating any that get skipped.
Other than that I'm stumped.
My experience here has been that most all nas and dlna problems reported here have turned out to not be a fault of rmp.
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Re: Roku media player skips songs

Make sure Shuffle is turned off.
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