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Roku logged me out of Spectrum

Last week I paid my internet bill a little late, and had to log back into Spectrum on my Roku. It didn’t work at first so I got frustrated left it alone... came back a few hours later and it was working. 

Last night 2/1

i come into my bedroom to watch the news. Mind you I had watched the news on the Spectrum Roku app earlier that morning and some other shows with no problem. Well when I came to watch the evening news I clicked on the app and it said my log in credentials were incorrect. I’m like what? This thing never tells me to log in it logs in automatically. 
so I try to log in several times and it tells me Spectrum is no longer available on the Roku. 

I could have sworn they said if you already had the app installed before January 15th it wouldn’t be affected? Well mine won’t work and it’s hard getting help fRom customer service on the Roku side and the Spectrum side. Is anyone else having this issue? 

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Re: Roku logged me out of Spectrum

A friend of mine asked me about this and I sent him this notice regarding the spectrum dispute (I don't use spectrum or any of these cable/pay apps so not sure if anything has changed).

Basically just call the phone number and see if they can help. Here is the info......  


New users — anyone who had not already downloaded or installed the Spectrum app to their Roku device prior to Dec. 12 — cannot get the app.

 If you were using the app before Dec. 12 and you still have it on your Roku, you should be OK, as long as you don’t delete it.

But, if you do accidentally delete it, there’s still hope.

 Spectrum tells us that if you had already “downloaded, installed and streamed” the app prior to Jan. 15, 2021, you can restore the app by contacting a Charter representative (Spectrum customer service is at 833-267-6094).

 Similarly, if you had downloaded the app prior to that date, but never used it to stream content, the app will not work.

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