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Roku logged into someone else’s Hulu account

I watch Hulu every night before bed and last night I went to log into hulu and it was on someone else’s account asking if the my had moved. This person hasn’t been logged in for over a year and we had moved locations multiple times. Did it accidentally login to her account for some reason or is there anyway to see login history to see if she actually logged in? 

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Re: Roku logged into someone else’s Hulu account

Roku has a single sign on (SSO) process that some apps utilize. I do not know if Hulu is one of the apps that uses that.

Here's how that may impact the situation. For an app that uses SSO, all Roku devices on the same account will attempt to automatically log in that app in, if it's logged in on any one.

So, if Hulu uses SSO, and if one device on your account is logged in with Mystery Person's Hulu account, all devices will try to log in on that Hulu account.

To rule this out, go to and scroll down to the list of devices at the bottom. Do any of these belong to Mystery Person (or any not recognized)? If so, Unlink them. Then, go to your Roku and log out of Hulu.

If you have Hulu change the home location, it will be a strike against that, and lock it to your location for a period of time without major interaction with Hulu support. It will also prevent the actual Hulu account owner from using the account as is their right.

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