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Roku express player audio loss on Spectrum channel

Hi all:

I just installed a new Roku Express to my Insignia TV.  What we are experiencing is when you first turn the TV on and go to a channel in the Charter app there is no audio even tho the volume is turned up.  Ive tried turning the volume up and down , but there is no sound.  When I switch channels it will sometimes come on or flip channels back and forth it will come on and then run fine.  It seems to be just when you first start it up that you have the issue.  Does anyone have a idea how to fix this or how to correct the issue.


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Re: Roku express player audio loss on Spectrum channel

@mnkid1  Thanks for reaching out. Is this only occurring in the Spectrum streaming channel, or does this same behavior occur if you launch a different streaming channel/service (app), such as YouTube or The Roku Channel? 

A few things to try here: 

1. Remove the Spectrum channel from the Roku home screen. Then, immediately restart your device from Settings>System>System restart. Once you device has started up again, try adding the channel back once more. 

2. Replace the HDMI cable connecting your device to your TV. 

3. Connect your device to a different HDMI port on your TV. 

If those steps don't resolve the issue, and it is not occurring in other streaming services, you'll want to contact Spectrum support directly to report the issue in their channel (app) and request more help. Each channel on the Roku platform is developed and maintained by the service provider directly. They will be able to assist you further with issues you encounter while using their channel. You can reach Spectrum here:




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Re: Roku express player audio loss on Spectrum channel

I have a Roku 3 connected wirelessly And I’m also having issues with audio. It will work OK once I shut the Roku down and start back up but once I go into a video on demand in my library it will quit sound after a while very frustrating I have tried all of the above except for going through the effort of contacting Spectrum for support I don’t know if I have the patience for their slow service

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