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Roku express **bleep**?

I got a express 6 months ago and it glitches out atless 10x a will also keep pausing itself.. are all roku like this..#rokuexpress

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Re: Roku express **bleep**?

My Roku Express "just works".  "Glitches out" is kind of vague, but they are dependent on Internet access and wi-fi speed and stability.  (They don’t need "a lot" but if your router and Roku have your furnace or some other large metal objects in between them, or are far way, there could be issues.) From their product comparison, various Roku models have at least 3 different grades/levels of wi-fi systems, with the Express obviously having the most basic/cheapest and the Ultra having the best.  The Express works fine for me in my location, but in other situations, it may make since to go up in the offerings.

Of course, "glitching out" could be due to just getting a defective gizmo too…  Sometimes setting one electronic wireless device too close to another electronic device causes random issues too.

You also hear about various other issues such as being plugged into a USB port that doesn't supply enough power, or overheating. I originally set mine on top of my AVR but then realized it gets pretty warm there and moved it.


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