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Roku channel content in Roku app on Fire Tablets


I recently bought two Amazon fire tablets for two relatives of mine.  One of the reasons I bought them is one of my relatives doesn't get to watch TV in a traditional way very often and I figured this would be a way for her to watch more of what she wants to watch.


She is a big fan of Wendy Williams and I know the Roku channel has content from that show available, buy unlike the Roku iPad app where one can access and stream content from the Roku channel directly on the device, the feature does not seem to be available on the fire tablet version of the app. I was wondering if someone could tell me when the feature will be made available on the fire tablet app so I can inform my relative? 



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Re: Roku channel content in Roku app on Fire Tablets

Probably NEVER!!! Roku and Amazon are competitors, Amazon's answer to the Roku Ch was IMBD Tv, that's where you find free movies and tv  for amazon products.

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Re: Roku channel content in Roku app on Fire Tablets

I need to know that, too.  Googling 'can I use roku on my fire hd 10' (arriving in an hour and 47% off) has gotten me nowhere.  Everything I want is on sale at Amazon.  I thought about Fire TV, then I remembered Roku.  Can I use Roku on my Fire HD 10 tablet?

TIA,  Karl


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Re: Roku channel content in Roku app on Fire Tablets

The only thing you could possibly use on a Fire tablet is "The Roku Channel".  That doesn't give you everything that's available on a Roku device and is not a substitute for an actual Roku device.

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