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Level 7

Roku Ultra with Emby

I have a NAS and I run Emby for PVR, Live TV and all my ripped DVD and workout videos
But on my Amazon firestick vs my Roku Ultra, I have in the pop up menu the ability to set and toggle series and other settings on my Firestick, but not on my Roku.

Would you guys say the Emby app for the Roku is not as "updated" compaired to the one on the Amazon Fire stick?

I like my Roku Ultra especially because it has direct plug for ethernet
But this is kinda a deal breaker
Or is this just a Roku issue?
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Level 9

Re: Roku Ultra with Emby

You can post your issues directly on our forums. This saves you time. Let me also say, Emby is indeed updated on Roku. In fact, we even offer an early beta program that all users can participate in.

When you say "ability to set and toggle series and other settings" how do you mean? The word "dealbreaker" means something. If you could post something on the Emby forums in the Roku section I will personally help you. I am one of the developers and can immediately see what we can do to make things in our Roku app have better parity in your eyes compared to the FireTV.

Please let us handle this directly on our forums. While I do appreciate the exposure it gives us by posting here, it isn't possible to offer help to everyone as quickly if they post issues here. I have to actively scan for these.

Thanks and sorry for any inconvenience.
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