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Roku TV stops running DIAL server frequently (loss of casting from phone ability)

I have a TCL 55R617 Roku TV with the latest firmware and a wired connection. Inevitably, I lose the ability to cast videos from my Android 8.0 phone in apps such as YouTube, Plex, and Netflix. This is usually fixed by 1-2 full restarts of the TV and it works for an arbitrary number of days before I can no longer cast. The app either says it could not connect to the TV or the TV does not show up as a target.

I investigated by capturing network traffic and discovered that while the issue was occurring, the Roku was not responding to SSDP multicasts from the phone (and it was when the casting was working).

I set up a DIAL server on my laptop to reply to SSDP requests with the message the Roku normally sends, containing the TV's IP address (example). If I try to cast when the Roku's DIAL server is inoperational, nothing happens, but within 1 second of starting the DIAL server on my laptop, the Roku responds and turns on/launches the app/etc. I can work around the bug by keeping my custom DIAL server running indefinitely, but it's annoying because now I can't close my laptop without losing the ability to cast.

Roku team, are you aware of this bug?

Anyone else having this problem?
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Re: Roku TV stops running DIAL server frequently (loss of casting from phone ability)

RokuShawnS, can you help?
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