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Roku Premiere + FandangoNOW app

I have a Roku Premiere 3920X - it's completely up to date - purchased from the Roku Store on Amazon in October. No issues with the unit to date (knocking on wood as I type this).

I searched for the FandangonNow app on the Roku and it did not come up in the search results. I found it here on the Roku website and added the channel; it shows as installed on the website. But it still doesn't appear on my Roku. I restarted the Roku, but it made no difference.

I read a post online that said that FandangoNow is no longer a tile app, that I could find it in the left-hand scrollbar. But I don't see anything Fandango-related in that scrollbar on the homescreen or in the channels screen. I also read somewhere that Walmart-sold Rokus default to Vudu instead of FandangoNOW, but that doesn't apply to me - though I do see Vudu in the "Rent or Buy Movies" channel tiles.

Please help - thanks!

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Level 8

Re: Roku Premiere + FandangoNOW app

I have the exact, same problem. But I wasn’t permitted to start a new thread about it, because this unanswered thread about it exists. So now I have two problems with you, Roku.

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