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Roku Media Player not showing all MP4 files on USB stick

I have a Roku Ultra in my van.  It is not connected to any wifi so it has not updated any apps/software in some time.  I have a bunch of movies in MP4 files.  It displays all the files by their file name, minus the file extension.  It works just fine.

I have a Roku TV in my house.  It is connected to the network and updates on its own.  I have noticed recently that the list of movies (same files as in the van) on the same model of USB stick do not all show up.  I also noticed that is displays files by their title in their properties.  So I thought maybe the few missing didn't have an assigned title.  So I went to update them.  I was correct that they didn't have titles, but there are many others that also do not have titles, yet show up by their file name.

I tried adding a title to those that I knew weren't showing up, but they did not appear.  If I change the file display to "all", they do show up and are playable, but it shows the file extension and ignores the folder structure, making it tedious to sort through and find what I want.

What can I do?