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Roku Media Player not recognizing my hard drive connected through router

For a couple years, I've been able to use Roku Media Player to stream media from a hard drive connected via my router's (TP-Link Archer C7) USB. However, a few days ago I had to do a factory reset on the router, and now, after many hours of fiddling with settings, RMP won't play any content from the hard drive even though I can stream anything on the drive on my laptop or my phone with no issue.

First RMP started hanging up at 77% when I selected the router/server, and now, after a system restart and power cycling the router, the hard drive doesn't even show up in RMP.

This issue is on two TVs in my home: one with a Roku Express 3900RW, and one TCL television. RMP does, however, identify my laptop on the network and can play content off of it.

Soooo, either something changed with RMP, or is there a setting with my router that I'm missing?

FWIW, from the router admin:

Hard drive is checked "active".
Network Neighborhood is checked "enable".
Sharing Mode is "Sharing all".
Authentication is not checked.

Thanks for any help you can offer!

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Re: Roku Media Player not recognizing my hard drive connected through router

1) Verify DLNA/UPnP sharing is enabled in your router (nothing you said in terms of settings mentioned that)

2) You didnt mention the firmware/RMP versions on your Roku devices

3) Restart both your Rokus:  Settings/System/system restart/Restart, Settings/System/Power/system restart/Restart

4) Reset your Roku's connections:   Settings/System/Advanced system settings/Network connection reset


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Re: Roku Media Player not recognizing my hard drive connected through router


1) UPnP is enabled. I've followed the TP-Link instructions here so DLNA should be enabled.

2) Let's focus on just the Roku TV: 7103X. Software version: 10.0.0, build 4209-30. RMP Ver. 5.5, build 9.

3) Did a system restart.

4) Reset the network connection.

It's still not recognizing the drive connected to the router by USB. I can't figure out why sometimes, when I change the sharing in router admin from "sharing all" to "sharing a folder" or vice versa that for a moment RMP will recognize the drive and show it on the screen, but if I go to it with the remote it will hang up at 77% loading or just show the animated loading circle indefinitely. On my laptop I can still watch content on the hard drive when it's connected to the router, but it's not playing nice with RMP. (ETA: Also, when it does briefly show up, I see the options "Browse Folders", "Music", and "Pictures". If I go to Music, I can actually stream my music through RMP, but if I go to Browse Folders that's when it hangs up.)

(ETA2: It seems I have the same problem as which suggests it's a DLNA issue with the router.)

Just to check, in case it mattered, I disconnected the hard drive from the router and plugged it into the TV, and RMP recognized it perfectly, and I was able to play movies. I'll also add that every other streaming service (Netflix, Hulu etc) works fine.

Again, thank you for any help/advice you can offer!

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