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Roku Media Player, add a repeat option

When I select a video file in a folder view from a DLNA server with the Roku Media Player, I'm presented with the option to play it, and also can bring up options with the * button on the remote, options for shuffle play and repeat all. Please add a repeat option (to repeat the selected file only).

Also, if neither shuffle nor repeat all is selected, the selected file is played, then playback ends. The only way to have it play the next file in the folder is to select repeat all (IOW, no ability to just play the rest of the files in the folder, then end; it's either play only one file, or play to the last file then back to the first, forever.

Shuffle also has no effect unless repeat all is selected. IOW, no play the selected file, then the remaining files shuffled, then end. You have to repeat all.

Other than the illogical options, it's a fine player.