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Roku Media Player (RMP) problems solved!!

I switched to VLC on my Sony Bravia android tv instead!   Not sure why I didn’t earlier. I think working RMP was slightly better.   If I pause too long on vlc it forgets where I was but stays in same folder  

Androids native Media Player is awful. Takes literally over half hour to traverse my 100,000 file plus disk drive. 

vlc can’t even run on Roku and android also has facebookWatch app (had hbomax too during Roku embargo )

plus vlc can do multiple mkv audio tracks and even though has two second gap between flac songs it’s relatively smooth.    RMP 5.5.8 made the track transition very rough (gap plus some garbling now)

I don’t know why anybody would buy a Roku tv versus a main stream tv with a Roku attached.  Similarly don’t know why people get these cheap stream sticks versus ultra or premier+ if ultra not avail in your country. 

I still think Roku is great but how a company worth a billion dollars can lack any customer support or software fixes is beyond me.  Does Anthony Wood CEO know about this?!  Half I think maybe but I don’t see how.  Could throw 2-3 million bucks at these issues (RMP plus remotes batteries and wifi Mac addr zeroes) and just fix this stuff!

Roku Ultra 4660X
RokuOS 9.4.0 build 4200
Sony Bravia 55A8G TV
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