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Re: Roku Media Player Playlist Songs out of order

No.... Now you're back to Roku being the problem. If you're only concerned with the Roku then I'll repeat. *Menu - Default shows the list in the order it's written and A-Z alphabetizes the list. If that doesn't fix it then it's not the problem from Roku.
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Re: Roku Media Player Playlist Songs out of order

CKlemow -

Thank you for the information!

I am a little relieved to hear that this is indeed a real problem and is reproducible by someone else.

Although, I am sorry to now understand that this is indeed a real problem which Roku is not interesting in fixing.

I had given up trying to diagnose this, and I have not looked at it for a while.

I had earlier stated that the problem was not with Roku Media Server, but I was mistaken.

I had tried different configurations, different servers, different options - in short I had spent a lot of time on this to get something working - it was very frustrating.

In the least, I would have expected some sort of input from Roku to fix this basic problem, but there has been nothing.

I had an impression that this community board existed to not only share information between users, but also to have Roku aware of problems to fix.

Apparently, there is no interest from Roku to fix this problem, which is very real.

So I was incorrect when I wrote that the problem went away with Emby media server.

This was partially true - it went away with Emby media server using the Emby Roku channel.

The problem still exists using Emby media server and Roku Media Player.

The other point that I had wanted to make was that I had initially thought that the track list had something to do with sorting, since I had observed the same thing.

Although, I am not sure how deep this sorting went.

It's hard to explain, since I have given up trying to diagnose it, but I name my files <Track Number> <Title>.flac so it was easy to follow.

I initially created a long (40+ song) playlist, and noticed what you noticed - sorting based mostly on track number - but it wasn't 100 % - from what I vaguely recall.

In other words, I had most of the songs that were first in the first group, but some that were first were not - if that makes sense,

It was frustrating trying to figure out, so I gave up, and I my recollection could be wrong.

But, if you look at the examples I posted earlier, the songs and track number are as follows: Minute by Minute (4), Footsteps (10), China Grove (5), Confusion (8), Where Do We Go From Here (1), Strange Magic (18), Listen To The Music (1), Dangerous (15).

So for my three examples from before, it indeed follows your observation.

Again, I gave up trying to diagnose, but I can certainly try again if it would in some way help.

I would also like to know how to get this information to Roku so they fix the problem.

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