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Roku Media Player - Autoplaying A .M3U Playlist On USB

Roku Media Player - Autoplaying A .M3U Playlist On USB

I have attempted a very simple playlist in the root directory of a USB drive to be run by the Roku Media Player and have had no success at all.

I have tried "Autostart.m3u" (which is apparently deprecated but is still in the documents everywhere), "Autorun.m3u" and "autorun.m3u" just in case there was case sensitivity.

This file seems to register as a Video according to the Roku Media Player. A rather short one said "Autorun" and then the next line was "hls | 484B" (I am assuming byte length). When I attempt to play this, the purple "Retrieving ..." bar flickers on and vanishes.

* I have tried filenames with a forward slash in front of them ("/01_tel_aviv.mp3"), a backslash in front of them ("\01_tel_aviv.mp3"), and no slash at all ("01_tel_aviv.mp3").

* I have tried all of the #EXTM3U business as well as without.

Note that VLC has no issue with any of these playlists I create.

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Re: Roku Media Player - Autoplaying A .M3U Playlist On USB

Has this been Resolved? I would like to use Roku over alternate Digital Signage players.

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