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Roku Media Player - 'AV skew' Problem streaming 2.7K video through Ultra

I recently bought an action camera and captured first-person video of a bike ride down a mountain road. I used some basic third-party editing tools to add speed and elevation overlays to the video, and rendered the whole thing as an MPEG-4 (H.264) video: 2704x1521 @ 60 fps.

The video resides on a SSD attached to my router and configured as a media server. The Roku Media Player recognizes it and plays it for a few seconds before stopping with the error: "Excessive AV Skew." I created a second version of the video identical to the first, except with a "quality" setting of 80 instead of 100 (that was the only adjustable parameter). Resolution and frame rate are the same, but the file size is 6.3 GB instead of 9.8 GB. The second version plays for 15-20 seconds before stopping with the same error.

Questions: What is "AV skew?" What constitutes "excessive?" Is there anything I can do to avoid that error?

In case it's not apparent, I'm relatively new to video rendering tools. I'm eventually going to make a lower resolution version of the video to share. I just thought I'd start with the native resolution and see what can handle it. My Ultra (4640X) couldn't quite do it, but it was close... maybe close enough to work with a small adjustment?

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