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Roku Media Player - 1080p animation videos don't play

Hello folks,

I have an issue with certain video files played via DLNA server on Roku Media Player. I have been digitizing my physical media and converting them with HandBrake to H.264/AC3 MKV to ensure compatibility, and most of the video works great! (Please see this topic for a different suggestion to improve the experience.)

The issue is with certain 1080p videos. When I select it and press play, the slider at the bottom shows that it's "playing", and the length of the video seems correct, but it plays neither audio nor video.

I checked my 1080p videos, and this is the difference that stuck out: those that are not playing are 1920x1080 and encoded with the "Animation" x264 tune. All the other videos encoded in this way that *are not* 1080p play back just fine.

Just as a test, I re-encoded one of the videos selecting "None" as the x264 tune and it played back just fine. I re-encoded it again using the "Animation" tune and I get the same result as above.

So what's up? What can I do to help troubleshoot?


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