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Roku Express - DirectvNow Cuts Out

We have three Roku Express setups, but only use one at a time.  Netflix and Amazon work just fine, but when we are live streaming DirectvNow we often get interrupted by a screen with a box on it and a message that "we are working on it."  Very annoying!  I have tried bypassing the Roku by hooking up our iPad, and this setup streams perfectly, no interruption, so our router signal is not the problem.  It can only be the Roku Express.  Also, there is a delay of between 5 and 30 seconds between what the iPad stream shows and what the Roku Express streams.  Is this a fixable issue, anyone??? or should we just junk the Rokus.
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Re: Roku Express - DirectvNow Cuts Out

You have to keep in mind that large services such as DirecTV Now often have different servers for different devices. That is, the servers that are providing the content for your iPad may be different servers than the ones for your Roku. And those might be different from the ones you'd use to watch in a Web browser.

That could mean that different devices get the content through different routes across the Internet. And, for any route that content is taking, any blockage or slowdown anywhere along that route, and you'll get bad responsiveness such as what you're describing.

It's entirely possible that I could use those same devices of yours on my network and have no issue, for the reasons mentioned.

What to do about it? I'd suggest contacting DirecTV Now and let them know. You may also want to try a different DNS server, but I'm not hopeful about that.
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