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Roku 3 Can't Connect to Netflix - error code nw-8-17


As per blackbee045, I'm writing a new thread to discuss my issue as the Netflix Connection Issues - October 2014 thread is apparently for active Netflix connections that were interrupted.

I can connect to everything else fine on my Roku (Amazon Prime, Youtube, etc.)...just not Netflix.

Here are my details:

1. No outage in my area.
2. Roku 3
3. serial #1GH31 R025201
4. 5.6 Build 60
5. Cisco E1200 DDWRT flashrouter
6. Wired connection
7. Yes, performed a factory reset.
8. Happens all day long.
9. 3.4 Kb/s / 1.0 Kbps
10. ISP: Rogers
11. Toronto, Canada
12. HDMI connected
13. 2 devices connected to router

BTW, was reading some issues were fixed by getting build 62. I tried to get it by manually checking my update but it said it was up to date at build 60?


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Re: Roku 3 Can't Connect to Netflix - error code nw-8-17

5. Cisco E1200 (Using VPN Private Internet Access)

There is a good chance that your problem lies with that.

Also there is this from the forum rules:
Usage of VPNs to circumvent establish regional broadcast rules should not be discussed on this forum. Be aware that if you post a question regarding the use of a VPN, OR you post a thread discussing bypassing regional restrictions, your thread will be locked immediately.
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Re: Roku 3 Can't Connect to Netflix - error code nw-8-17

Duly noted. Thanks!
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Re: Roku 3 Can't Connect to Netflix - error code nw-8-17

strangely, my roku can connect somedays and other days doesn't at all to "netflix server 2." sometimes rebooting router works...sometimes doesn't.
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Re: Roku 3 Can't Connect to Netflix - error code nw-8-17

Connect your Xbox directly to your modem

As we already mentioned, NW-2-5 Xbox error can be caused by your wireless router, and in order to fix this problem, you might want to connect your console directly to your modem using an Ethernet cable. After doing that, we suggest that you restart your modem like we showed you in Solution 4. If connecting your console to the modem directly fixes the problem, it means that there’s an issue with your wireless router configuration, so you might want to examine it closely. If you still can’t access Netflix, even while your console is connected directly to your modem, there might a problem with your modem configuration, so you might want to change its settings.
still getting error check this URL
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