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RoksBox GooglDrive issue

Hi all,
So I have paid service with a online torrent downloading server site (TransferCloud) which is linked to my Google Drive. I login on their site, I upload my torrent file it downloads using their servers and places the download files onto my Google Drive.
On my Roku I have the RoksBox app which is mapped to my Google Drive. This allows me, from the RoksBox app to stream videos that are actually on Google Drive.
My issue:
RoksBox will not play any video files (no matter what video format) that had been downloaded from the TransferCloud. If I access my Google Drive from my SmartPhone or computer, I can play without any issues those video files that were downloaded on my google drive using TransferCloud, but not RoksBox.
Now if I download a torrent video file on my computer or smartphone (because I have the torrent tool on my android phone), and then upload that video file to my google drive, RoksBox has no problem playing it.
What can I do so that files downloaded to my Google Drive using TransferCloud's services actually plays on RoksBox without any issues?
Thanks for the assist. 
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