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Level 7

[Resolved - YouTube Channel Sounds]

I purchased this Roku in 2015.  whenever I used it would  click as I go across each app until I choose one. Did Roku change the sound in my Roku?  Now is soon as I pick a channel like YouTube whenever I move between the items to figure out what I want to watch it has this weird whirring noise that's getting on my nerves.  can i take this noise off. I'm old and sick in bed a lot. And that whirring sound is taking the pleasure out of watching anything on the road to which is the only TV I have?
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Level 9

Re: Roku 3

That whirring sound is kind of odd isn't it? You can turn it off by opening YouTube, looking on the left hand side for the icon that looks like a gear (or an asterik *), then going to Sounds and choosing Off. As for the clicks on the home page, they're still there on my Roku 3 and all my other Rokus, you might try a reboot to see if that brings them back.
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Level 12

Re: Roku 3

There's also a menu setting to adjust the volume of the main menu clicking sound.
Yeah, I got some Rokus.
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Level 16

Re: Roku 3

YouTube changed the sound the UI makes when you move between different selections. I first noticed it a few days ago, but can't say for sure when the update happened. You have no control over the sound it makes other than turning it off. 
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Level 7

Re: [Resolved - YouTube Channel Sounds]

Mine has had a different sound.. I hate all sound effects so I shut it off... hope they never get rid of the ability to mute their click or moo or whatever they have next..  
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