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Registering amazon prime video fails

I just bought a Roku Express Streaming Player.

I'm trying to register it in my Amazon Prime Video account.

If I use the register on the Roku device, then then login to Amazon fails with an error message of "we are unable to complete your sign in. Please register on the Amazon website".

If I use the register on Amazon website, using the 5 character code, then I get a message saying "Success! Your device is registered to your Prime Video account." however the Roku still thinks the account needs to be registered, and the Roku isn't listed under my devices in the amazon prime video account.

Any suggestions?

The last attempts at registering where at about Monday, 28 May 2018 07:41:0 UTC for the register on the Amazon web site, and 07:49 for attempting to register on the Roku.
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Re: Registering amazon prime video fails

Log in to Amazon. Go to the Registered Devices page (

Scroll down and remove any that could refer to the Roku you attempted to install.

Log out of Amazon on your browser. Remove all cookies and Local Storage for Amazon, or any Website that contains "amazon" in its URL.

Remove the Amazon app from your Roku.

Reboot your Roku.

Install the Amazon app on your Roku. Do not launch it yet.

Log in to Amazon on your browser. 

Go to the Registered Devices page (

Scroll down and confirm there are still no items that could refer to the Roku you attempted to install. 

On your Roku, launch the Amazon app.

Select the option to register via the Website, using the Register New Device button at the top of the page.
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