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Recording Spectrum Choices programming via ROKU

I am contemplating signing up for and paying $25-$26 per month for the new Spectrum Choices plan (10 channels of my choice plus our 5 local network channels). But, we typically start watching a nascar race on Sunday afternoon. Because of Sunday evening responsibilities we record the race from roughlyhalway thru to the end and watch that part when we get home. We’ve done this with TWC DVR in the past (we’re no longer cable subscribers), and most recently with Sling. We can save money if we go with Spectrum Choices and quit Sling. Is there any way to record in this scenario if we are watching via ROKU?
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Re: Recording Spectrum Choices programming via ROKU

DVD recorder if using composite cables and not HDMI, and assuming the Spectrum app has no copy protection. If it does have protection, or you can't use composite video, then unless Spectrum has a VoD version of the event. (Vs "live") you are SoL.
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