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Reactivating ROKU Streaming Premier so I can again stream ESPN

Have not been able to stream ESPN for a week and a half. Finally found out today by calling ESPN. The guy didn't know much but thought I might have to "reactivate" my ROKU's.  I have 2 ROKU TV's and a message did come up on both telling me to go to my PC and insert a provided code. After some difficulty and BS, I stumbled through it and was able to reactivate both ROKU TV's and am now able to stream ESPN on both. However, I cannot figure out how to reactivate my ROKU Premier streamer on my go to TV in my sunroom. What do I need to do to reactivate it? Cam't find any setting that says either activate or reactivate. Help! Thanks. 
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Re: Reactivating ROKU Streaming Premier so I can again stream ESPN

What they're talking about is authenticating (or activating) your WatchESPN app against a content provider, such as a cable (Comcast, for instance), satellite (Dish Network, for instance), or streaming service (Sling TV, for instance).

To do that, launch the WatchESPN app, scroll all the way down to the bottom of the main menu, and scroll over to Activate Live TV. You'll be prompted for your provider. You'll likely then be sent to a screen telling you a Website to visit and showing you an Activation Code. Follow those instructions.
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