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Level 7

ROKU Media stopped recognizing all my digital movie files.

I have a WD MyCloud Storage device wired into my Router/Modem.  Fro several years I have used it to play movies to my ROKU stick and ROKU TV.  Something changes in the last few weeks, I get a error message about Compatible Files cannot be found, and it doesn't see any of the movies I have.  


I have found posts about Codecs and DLNA and Media Server issues, but I'm not sure how they pertain to this situation since it has worked for several years, and now just stopped on all Roku Devices at once.


I have re-scanned, and hard booted the WD MyCloud drive, I have not run any sort of build updates on the ROKU or the MyCloud drive... very stumped as to why it all just quit working.

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Level 17

Re: ROKU Media stopped recognizing all my digital movie files.

You need to rule out a problem with the WD device.  Do you have any other device that can access it?  A non-Roku smart TV, computer, or phone app, for example?

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