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Question about .srt files on USB stick using Roku Media Player Channel

I have checked the instructions on using .srt files with videos using a USB stick on the Roku Media Player Channel, and I'm a bit confused as they are not all that clear.  I realize that embedded subtitles will more than likely play, but embedding the .srt files onto an .mkv movie file on Wondershare's video converter app takes over an hour, and triples the size of the file. It's not worth the time or effort.  I am wondering specifically about being able to use a separate .srt file, in the same folder as an .mkv movie, and why the Roku Media Player Channel does not identify them. According to the instructions below, the .srt files must be saved in the same folder as the video, and they must have the same name as the video, with the .srt extension. I've tried those exact directions, and the media player does not recognize the subtitle file. I've tried adding the to the .srt file, and that hasn't worked. I tried adding the movie.eng. extension to the movie file, and that didn't work either. Every different step I've tried, the subtitle * option tells me that captions aren't available, even though they are sitting in the same folder as the movie on the USB stick the media player is reading. Why is it that VLC Media Player can play an .srt file in a movie folder on my laptop, but Roku Media Player cannot find the same .srt file in the same folder on a USB stick? Am I trying to do something that isn't possible with the Roku Media Player Channel? The way the instructions are written below, makes one think it can be done, but so far nothing has worked, and I've tried it on my Roku Ultra using the USB stick, but it won't recognize the .srt files either. Can someone please give me a simple answer whether or not the process I've explained will, or won't work on the Roku Media Player Channel?  I have the "Captions always on" option set on both Roku remotes. 


Roku Media Player supports embedded subtitles in .mkv files. To choose a subtitle track use the Star button star button on your Roku remote while the video is playing. If you have a Roku TV, you also need to select Accessibility. Roku Media Player will automatically include subtitle tracks found in .SRT and .VTT files. The files must be saved in the same folder as the video. They must have the same name as the video and the .srt or .vtt extension. To include multiple files you must insert a language extension, for example or

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