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Problems with YouTube TV?

i have 6 Roku Streaming Sticks (none are older than 2 months) all with the YouTubeTV app, as well as Netflix, Prime Video, HBO, etc.

Last night I tried to install a brand new RSS because an existing RSS is constantly overheating. All went well with the setup EXCEPT YouTube TV.  The home screen on YT-TV appears, but when I select any program it will not play. I am getting a grey-screen error message reporting some sort of licensing problem. I contacted Google, and they seemed somewhat aware of this problem, but offered no fix, or even a general idea when it would be fixed. Moreover, they were very surprised to hear that YT-TV is working just fine on all the other RSSs.  

All the other “paid” content is working. The problem seems to be confined to YT-TV. It is unclear to me whether the flaw is with YT-TV or this new RSS. 

Have any of you experienced this problem? If so, what did you do to fix this problem? My present plan is to return the RSS to Amazon as defective.

Please advise. Thank you.
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Re: Problems with YouTube TV?

What model of Roku Stick? YouTubeTV, as well as some other channels, won't work with earlier models.
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