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Problem with roksbox and apache server files

Hello, I've been using roksbox for my media server for years now with very little problems until now.  For some reason when i play any dvd file, it takes several minutes to load up.  It used to be that way before with hd files but now it just times out after 15 seconds and i cant play any hd media.  Has anyone experienced this same issue with roksbox when using an appache server?  Unfortunately, roxbox is the only app i know that works with an apache webserver and i feel that if i use most other servers, they will actually use cpu power on your pc to transcode the video instead of allowing your roku device to simply read the file on your computer.  Anyone feel free to correct me if i am wrong as i would be more than happy to use another program.  Im kind of done with roksbox after all of this hastle.  I also have a lifetime sub to playon and i could use that but i want a program that will just let me read the files on my pc and not have the pc do any of the work.
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