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Problem with Roku/computer and Netflix...

I am using a TV as a monitor:

HDMI 1 Goes to Computer
HDMI 2 Goes to Roku

All is well when I use my computer, or my Roku, until I use Netflix.  Before I use Netflix on my Roku, I make sure there is noting going on, on my computer.  It is just turned on, but no browser is open, and no program running in the background.

I switch the TV over to HDMI 2, use the Roku, start Netflix.  I notice every single time I get done watching the Program on the Roku, and switch the TV back over
to HDMI 1, the computer, the computer is playing Netflix in a browser, the show I was just watching... this happens repeatedly.  I am using 2 separate HDMI cables, 
no splitter of any kind.

Any idea on how to stop this dual streaming?   Although if I just watch it on my computer, it does not dual steam the same thing on Roku.  any help would be appreciated.
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Re: Problem with Roku/computer and Netflix...

That's very weird, i don't have an answer unfortunately, other than to suggest signing out of Netflix on your computer and see if it still happens. I have a similar setup, Roku on one hdmi, computer on the other and don't have this problem fwiw.
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