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Problem I just don't understand.

I have 2 tv's on the same network 1 32"onn shows last updated on 12/13/20 at 4:01pm and last checked for a update on 1/14/21 at 1:09am it says there are no up dates, when I manually checked. Here's one of the things I don't understand. The 2nd tv is a 70"onn it shows it was updated 1/12/21 at 5:57am and last checked on 1/14/21 2:20pm. The thing is the 70" lost a feature that I really liked. Thats the Integration of streaming channels with your over the air channels on your guide(I know some people hate it)I used to be able to turn it on or of with the all channel or recent channel option but that and all other option for this feature is gone. I wrote about this before but I wasn't asking any questions. This time I'am. Oh yeah! I factory reset the 70" the feature didn't come back.

1.Does Roku sometime only update a certain size tv?

2.In the tv software numbers does the last 2 characters matter? Because mine is 30" 9.4.0 4200 C5 and the 70" 9.4.0 4200 CM.

3.Also did Ruko remove this feature? From what I read here they add this feature. Right?

4.If it was added way did mine go away?

Well like it says I just don't understand. Peace and Love.


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