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Level 7

Pop-up commercials from sleep

Over the last few days I have noticed that when I leave my roku on pause for an extended period of time and press play I get a full screen commercial for Geico and am then sent back to the home screen. How do I get rid of this extra commercial please? I find this worrying. I have now bought 5 roku devices and if the plan is to gradually keep increasing commercials on the device, as opposed to the apps, it's going to invalidate my reason for investigating in roku for the first place.

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Level 15

Re: Pop-up commercials from sleep

Either use one of the screen savers with no ads – such as the Roku analog and digital clock savers, or press something other than play to get out of screen saver mode.  (If you look closely at a screen saver with ads, you'll see that it indicates to press play to go to the ad.)

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